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Heart Check Pt. 2

This Blog is quit long, but a true testiment to Gods Love and Protection!!!!

Note: Heart Check Pt. 1 will be posted soon .... lol

Have you ever felt a pain?

I mean a serious pain?

A pain so serious that you thought you were having a heart attack?

On April 12, 2014, a little bit before (midnight) Palm Sunday ... I was in the hospital bed here in St. Louis, MO, talking to a great friend of mine that had stopped by to check on me and had spent the previous 2 hours talking about life and God. She was just fixing her items and herself to leave when I felt that pain. The pain was so deep and came over my heart so fast. It was like lightning flashed and the pain arrived.

I had been just fine that entire day and day before having the best of time sharing Christ with my guest:

Professing Gods love to my uncle who is a Pastor and he was saying how there has been an annointing over my life for as long as he can remember be expressing myself.

Testifying to Gods love with my male best friend that I haven't had the opportunity to spend personal one on one time with in a long time due to our lives growing through a growth spurt. He was debating if he wanted to continue in his ways or do what the Lord God has called Him to do. Of, Course .... what do you think I told him to do? That's right, take Gods path my friend! I encouraged him to start attending my church, Faith Church, because my mentors & Pastors David and Nicole Crank are phenomenal leaders in Christ are amazing at helping "the people" change their mind to change their life.

My mother & step-father showed up and we were laughing and joking until one of the members from Faith Church Worship Team came by to see me. He did what he calls a "California Drive-By". He did hug and say hello, but he did not say much at all. He waited until the nurse departed from the room, then came to me and had my mother place her hand on the left side of my chest where my heart is located and he placed his hand on top of hers and began to pray over my heart and asking God to take control over my body and heal me from the top of my head to the souls of my feet.

My step-daughters mother and I had a 2 hour conversation. Now that may or may not sound odd. The relationship I have had with this young woman has been one that could beat out any roller coaster ride. But on this day, we discussed some pretty serious life changing topics that may have to occur. We discussed my current situation with my heart and her current career change. We discussed our children and their future. Most importantly we discussed our relationships with God. I was able to pray with her which resulted in sealing our lifelong relationship of parenting "our" daughter. This divine conversation has led us to an even deeper understanding of our destinies and purpose.

My sister, another close girl friend of mine, her daughter and my friends friend stopped in for a visit while I was praying for my step-daughters mother and our families. I must say it was somewhat of a surprise for my friend to bare witness to the praying session that I was having with this special someone. But God is good and can heal all. We were able to briefly pronounce Gods goodness during their short visit.

Then my girl friend arrives, late in the night to stop in and make sure that I was ok. She had wanted to come the night before, but couldn't make it. She later told me that she decided just to come and that she just had to leave the house otherwise she wouldn't have made it. Her selfless act of fighting through her fatigue to be my side would turn out to be an act that we will never, forget. With my husband being out of town at the time it was comforting that God placed her at my side to bare witness to what was to happen next.


My friend was about to walk out. As she takes a foot towards the door, I grab my heart. My heart literally felt lie a wave and was pounding and beating sooooo hard. She asked me if I were ok. I told her to come here, grabbed her hand and placed it on my heart. I said, "That doesn't feel right does it?". She told me know and told me to call the nurse. I called my nurse and he walked in I grabbed him and told him to feel my heart beat. He felt it, looked concerned. Then he began to grab his stethiscope and proceeds to listen to my heart beat. He calls the other nurses in. The pain keeps getting worse and worse. My friend places one hand on my shoulder and the other on my heart. She starts speaking in tongues and praying for me. Proclaiming to Jesus to take the pain away and heal my heart. As she prays I grab my phone. I call 2 Pastors in my phone. Their phones went to voicemail then I proceeded to the third. Thank God, this Pastor answered this call. I told him that my HEART was hurting. He asked, "Your Heart Hurts?" I could barely answer yes. I did not have much breath. It hurt to breathe. He said, "Let me get my wife." They form 2 bodies and begin to pray and declare over my heart, my pain and for God to take control.

During this prayer ... I felt pressure. it was like a huge series of waves circling my heart. The pressure would go down, but quickly come back up. This may sound crazy to some, but if you were not me living in this moment, then I don't care. I felt the Power of God on my Heart. The enemy was trying to get the part of my heart in which I was having these sharp pains. He was going around in a circle and when he almost got half way there, he gave up. MY GOD was there to protect me from the enemy trying to destroy me. Pastor and his wife were still praying even after the attack from the enemy. I still had the sharp pains, but at least the enemy knew that God has my heart and there was no way he would be able to snatch this Child of God from her Father.

At the end of the prayer I said Thank you to the Pastor and his wife and laid their and let the nurses hook me up to all of these cords and administer pain meds. About an hour later I was dozing off ... the nurses and doctor did not see anything out of the normal from the read on my "around the clock" monitor and the EKG machine. They said they would review other documents and labs as well and should know something in the morning.

When I felt my friend prepping to leave, I opened my eyes and looked at her. I told her, "Brit ... they aren't going to find anything on those machines. It was a spiritual war that they will never be able to see". She said, "I know", and asked if I wanted her to turn my television off. I told her no. Even though I had not truly been watching it and I don't tend to sleep with my television on. Accidentally on purpose, it was left on.

About 30 minutes after my heart episode, I was sleep. Should have been knocked out with the amount of pain meds were given to me! But then I heard an extremely familiar song, "People Connect, Families Grow, Lives are Changed," followed by a woman's voice welcoming me to enjoy a message from Faith Church, it was my Mentor and Pastor Nicole followed by Pastor David on stage giving an amazing message on Pain.

The scriputres that stuck out to me are:


Joel 3:10

Beat your plowshares into swordsAnd your pruning hooks into spears;Let the weak say, ‘I am strong.’”

Psalms 91:16

16 With long life I will satisfy him,And show him My salvation.”

How awesome were those two scriptures, yet along the whole message on this night right after everything I have experienced.

Coincidence that I requested for the TV be to left on ... nope. It was apart of God's way to let me know that my Faith Family are there with me and that He is present at all times.

That following Sunday my Pastor, David Crank, spoke on an evangelistic lifestyle of not PREACHING to people, but just loving on people. (I watched LIVE online on my computer,, check it out if you haven't already). If it is ok with you and the rest of the world I am dedicating my life to doing this work. In a way I have begun to do so at the young age of 21 starting my non-profit, Jewels, Inc., but overtime I have grown and my mind has expanded to see how much this is truly necessary. Even more, I have experienced Gods Hands being placed on my Heart. It is meant for me to be here. It would have been just as easy for God to let that heart beat burst and sending for me to enter His heavens. Yet, he spared me and protected me from the enemy trying to grab hold of my heart.

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