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This Can b. Life

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This CAN Be Life

Columbia Heights, Washington D.C.

I have been doing an extreme amount of thinking these past couple of days about…LIFEMy interpretations to the LIFE cycle are below:….

EMBRYO STAGE = the best part of a persons life (if life has been afforded the option) NEWBORN = pure innocence

INFANT/TODDLER = 1st attempt to become independent

CHILDHOOD/TWEEN = trying to be grownADOLESCENT = seek and find

YOUNG ADULT = coming into ones self

REAL ADULT/MIDDLE AGE = business and bills

MATURE ADULT/OLD AGE = wisdom & true relaxationAs of today, I have made it into my young adulthood. I have a sense of who I was in the past, who I am today and who I want to become. Now the only problem that I have with achieving who I want to become is figuring out the answer to the question…HOW DO I GET THERE?I look around and take note to women who are both mothers and successful within business. I have decided that I will NOT surround myself with people who do not have my best interest at heart nor have not either achieved or are seeking to achieve the same goals as I.

By the time I reach my mature adulthood I would love nothing more to have wisdom and to truly be able to relax and enjoy my children and their children.There are many women that I could observe, but only a few fit the lifestyle of where I am trying to reach. One woman that I know REALLY wants nothing but success for me is my mother. Ellie (my mamas nickname), would give me her last breath if needed. Not ONLY is she a PHENOMENAL mom, but a KILLER business woman. This lady has run her own private pediatric office for over 15 years while successfully leading her children down the right path. My siblings and I have a clear understanding to what life has to offer. We understand that God does not want us to have to struggle day to day nor month to month.

After taking much time to reflect I have come to the conclusion that I MUST better myself in order to get to that next level of 1st being able to HELP MYSELF! I will not be the TRUE asset that I am destined to be as a woman, mother and community leader if I do not take complete control over me. Therefore, I have no other option than to “BETTER ME”.

I have decided to start a self campaign. I do encourage you all to join in on this journey, for that it will be. Beginning August 1, I will be performing an experiment on myself. I vow to do an activity that will enhance my life and better myself each week for the next month.Please feel free to get involved in this by doing an activity of your choice that you feel will enhance your life. I will do nothing less than share each piece of my activity with you all in my next blog.

Coming Soon…..I Am … bMe ™

The BETTER ME Series

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