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I am reminded of this just recently that we must live life without regret. A good friend of mine from High School passed away about 4 days ago. She was young, beautiful and the most kind spirit. She was super funny and her hair was everything amazing. Her smile would light up a room and her angelic presence would make you feel good about any and everything even on your worst days.

I want to encourage every woman that is reading this b.Log post to ...


My friends passing has me thinking about so much stuff that I have wanted to do and haven't done yet. One of the things was to simply meet with her to have lunch, we never got around to it and I really regret that. Other things that have been on my mind to do is to travel, experience Saturdays again (not just cleaning and working, but with my family exploring and discovering new things)!

I am not sure about you, but I have lost some extremely close people to me. With this death, it is teaching me that no one person is guaranteed to see tomorrow and that we must live with a sense of urgency ... not a I will do it tomorrow, but I will live out my dreams or place into action the steps needed to make my dreams (vision) a reality.

This b.Log was straight from my heart having experienced the passing of my friend this weekend. I will never get used to the feeling that I feel each time I experience the hurt and pain of loosing some one dear to me. However, I am learning to take from each homegoing a piece of that person and learn the lessons that their legacy leaves behind.

If you are someone who is currently experiencing the lost of a loved one, try these five things to help you get thru the pain and hopefully find comfort in celebrating their life on earth and the FACT that they have EARNED their wings!

3 Tips to coping and finding comfort!

1. Take time to grieve.

It's ok to cry. When my father passed away 12 years ago, it devastated me and I went into a deep, deep depression! I kept all of my feelings in and did not let anyone know how I was really effected by his death. Let it all out! It's ok! You don't have to be strong for ANYONE! This grief & depression gave birth to my 9 year old international non-profit organization, Jewels, Inc., and my baby boy, Peter James.

2. Reflect on the happy memories.

After my best friend passed away, 2 weeks after my father, I fell numb to life. I was full of sorrow and just super sad. I didn't take time to appreciate the good times I had with these beautiful people that mean so much to me! Surround yourself with precious photos and videos if you have them. Watch your loved one in action and remember the moments leading up to the memory that was actually captured. Now her birthday symbolizes so many positive dates within Jewels, Inc., and my other keep her legacy living!

3. Ask God for direction.

My play brother that I met while working Jewels, Inc., in Washington, D.C., was brutally murdered a few years ago. It was BAD! I was beyond hurt as to how and why someone could harm this man, this sweet amazing person that would do anything for anybody! When I caught news of his death, I was balling my eyes out for hard all I could do was surrender to God. And I told God then, whatever you will have me to do, I will. Then he sent me on a mission that was beyond my borders. It is so important for us to reflect on the reality of life. Why we are here on this earth and to really appreciate our time here. We must Go for the Gold that God wants to share with us. We all have a purpose. Unfortunately, times like these wake us up to what God has been trying to show us all along.

4. Eat, Relax & Rest!

We forget 3 IMPORTANT things when we are coping with the lost of a loved one. We forget to eat, relax and rest. To keep yourself from getting sick, PLEASE do these things. EAT. Make sure you put some form of nutrition in your body. Any quick fruit, soup, or anything will work wonders for you during this time and make sure you drink lots of water. RELAX. Take a candle lit bubble bath and soak. I did this after my play brother and my friend passed away and it did wonders for my soul. It helped to calm my emotions down and relax! REST. If you have to take a Melatonian gummy to get yourself to rest for a few hours then do it!

5. Life...make the rest, the best!

Live out the rest of YOUR LIFE and make it the best of your life! There is nothing that we can do to bring them back nor could have done to keep our loved one here. So the best way to honor your loved one is to LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH NO REGRETS! My friend passing away this past weekend has taught me that! It woke me up to the fact that any of us could go at any time and to make the most of our time!

This post is dedicated to all of my loved ones that have earned their Heavenly Wings! I thank you so much for keeping me while I am still here on this earth and I thank each of you for every lesson your legacy has allowed me to learn!

Rest In Heaven my dear friend, Ashley Gammon!

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