Meet Team BMW / BMWPJ!!!!

Meet Team BMW!!! .....This is my family (a very old photo from 2013). That baby (Blake) my hubby is holding is now 2 years old, the 16 month old (Brielle) is now 3.5 and the 4 year old (Peter aka PJ, named after my daddy Peter who was killed in 2004) just turned 7! The only kiddo of ours not pictured is my daughter Jadyn (7 going on 8). She's not in this photo because she lives out of state with her mama, don't get it twisted she's my step-daughter, but I don't play that! She's mine too! So yep you guessed it ... Team BMW has 4 kiddos!!!!

OK... so you are probably wondering.... how did we come up with the Family name of Team BMW? Well once we made it official and said, "I DO" ... we ended up with the exact same initials! What???..... that's cray right?

So my name .... which you shall never call me by my first name if you want to continue having lips on your face (so just playing, yet so serious) is Brittani ... my Middle name is Marcell and the last name I received as a gift from my hubby on May 7, 2011, is Williams....

Put it all together and

what do you get?

Brittani Marcell Williams A.K.A. Mrs. BMW!

My husbands name is

Brandon Michael Williams A.K.A. Mr. BMW a.k.a. B-Will to his high school buddies!

Both of our baby girls have our exact same initials making them the Princesses BMW!

Brielle Marcell Williams (Yes she has my middle name).

Blake Michael Williams ( Yes she has her daddy's middle name, can you tell we wanted a boy?) ... but she is such a beautiful girl .... don't ya think????

Blake in her Jewels, Inc., colors #PurpleAndTeal and as a perfect little baby below!

Now our oldest 2 are 7 months apart and are our love children from previous relationships. Yet they look and act like twinsies!

So Peter James and Jadyn Victoria P + J, are close in age and the second set...

Brielle & Blake are close in age. I swear it's almost like having 2 sets of twins!!!

We are #Twinning over here that's why Team BMW is #Winning! OMG, I must be sleepy!

OK, Back to the team.

Brandon and I met when I was 15 and he was 16 .... we went to rival highschools. He was a major football star and I was a cheerleader. We had a mutual friend that thought it would be cute if we dated because of the cliche cheerleader/football player duo... we met and decided to be friends.

Guess what.... he asked me to go to his prom with him and i said NO! LOL.... that's because he asked me second, who do I look like being second to someone? Sorry sir, you had the wrong chic!

Long story short we stayed in contact over the years and hooked up after he left the NFL! OK, yes .... that's a small yet major detail I left out!

Brandon played for the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he got drafted his Junior year to play for the San Francisco 49ers ... fast forward 4.5 years and he was out the game due to an injury!

During his time in the NFL I was across country living in Washington, DC, going to undergrad at Howard University where I founded an organization (which is now internationally recognized) known as Jewels, Inc., we specialize in mentorship and outreach.

Facebook linked us back to one another and the rest is history. Don't worry I am sure I will be piecing in stories via random blog post along this journey to fill in the gaps!

I DO, He Does ... WE DO!

We got married on May 7, 2011. Conceived our first child together that same evening and have been living in a dream ever since ..... skkkkkrrrrrrrrrttttttttt! Did I really just say that?

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!!Hun-T let me tell you these past 4.5 years have been the hardest years of our life! We have overcome challenge after challenge after challenge! Don't worry.... You all will be able to enjoy and learn from the future post on this as well! Brandon and I have some joint projects we will be working on together in upcoming months! I am very transparent.... I am not going to sell you a dream ... so if you think this is that kind of blog .... BABY, you need to unfollow now! TODAY! As I sit here this lovely evening on Monday, August 3, 2015, I am writing in a cramped office full of items I need to sort thru, scan and shred so I can prepare for our move to ... yep you guessed it! Madison, Wisconsin! We are moving up there so B. can finish his last year since he was drafted as a Junior, he didn't get an opportunity to complete his degree! So he is packing up the entire family for all of us to make that move to a very cold place. But hey, when I said, "I Do" ... that was my stamp for being down for the ride! So here we go. I am trying to figure out how to sort thru 4.5 years of Life that has never been organized, organize it before we move, throw away any and everything that isn't needed and make it to UW!

OK.... I left out a HUGE portion of this! We are making plans to move, yet we have NO MONEY, NO PLACE TO STAY and NO OFFICIAL JOBS! (PJ's face at 3 years old, sums it all up right now lol)!

WOW ... Can you say we walk by Faith and NOT by SIGHT? And it has been rough! Where are the reality show cameras when you need them? This is real life drama (the good kind of course) lol..... Giving it all to Jesus, because I just don't understand!

Well that was a very quick update on who we are, where we come from and where we are growing!

Make sure you stay tuned in to the blog.... I am officially becoming a real blogger (I've tried it in the past and will share some old post so you can check my background)....but this is too good not to blog about! Oh and tell all your peeps to follow as well! (I try my hardest to sound cool and I fail every time)!


I will be posting pictures of my oldest as soon as I organize my photo Library! Everything is all over the place and I am writing this on my tablet that has hardly any new photos on it! Don't worry she's a beauty!!!

.....GROW WITH ME!!!!

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