Meet Team BMW / BMWPJ!!!!

Meet Team BMW!!! .....This is my family (a very old photo from 2013). That baby (Blake) my hubby is holding is now 2 years old, the 16 month old (Brielle) is now 3.5 and the 4 year old (Peter aka PJ, named after my daddy Peter who was killed in 2004) just turned 7! The only kiddo of ours not pictured is my daughter Jadyn (7 going on 8). She's not in this photo because she lives out of state with her mama, don't get it twisted she's my step-daughter, but I don't play that! She's mine too! So yep you guessed it ... Team BMW has 4 kiddos!!!!

OK... so you are probably wondering.... how did we come up with the Family name of Team BMW? Well once we made it official and said, "I DO" ... we ended up with the exact same initials! What???..... that's cray right?

So my name .... which you shall never call me by my first name if you want to continue having lips on your face (so just playing, yet so serious) is Brittani ... my Middle name is Marcell and the last name I received as a gift from my hubby on May 7, 2011, is Williams....

Put it all together and

what do you get?

Brittani Marcell Williams A.K.A. Mrs. BMW!

My husbands name is

Brandon Michael Williams A.K.A. Mr. BMW a.k.a. B-Will to his high school buddies!

Both of our baby girls have our exact same initials making them the Princesses BMW!

Brielle Marcell Williams (Yes she has my middle name).

Blake Michael Williams ( Yes she has her daddy's middle name, can you tell we wanted a boy?) ... but she is such a beautiful girl .... don't ya think????