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Hello and Welcome!

HELLO from b.

I 'mmmm BACK ... with a new blog! I am so excited about it! I have written blogs in the past sharing my test and testimonies...and since I come from a family of teachers and doctors and people who love to share the good, the bad, the ugly and every ounce of history... I shall do the same here with YOU, butttt about ME and my transitions into Woman-Hood ... + current transitions I am attempting to make, in order to become that Proverbs 31 chic, geesh she's a tough one!

WELCOME to the b.Blessed b.Logs

Welcome to my new b.Blessed b.Logs (yes with an s... You will have the opportunity to view b.Logs on all things WOMAN-Hood and transitioning into the woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend, philanthropist, social entrepreneur & all that you want to be!!). The b.Blessed b.Logs are dedicated to transitions into womanhood on every level. Starting from high school students all the way to GLAM-Mas! No, I am not a grandmother, but my mother is, who knows maybe she will hop on a b.Log from time to time to share insight into that transition.

My transitions have been for lack of better words .... RUFF... at the age of 19 I lost my grandmother, my father and my best friend (plus 3 others very close to me). I didn't know how to deal with those transitions so I went (unknowingly) into a 3 year battle with depression, I got pregnant with my son, had a stint of post-partum, a couple of years later I got married and soon after that had 2 babies back to back...while moving in my grandfathers home to take care of him (R.I.P. Granddaddy, 12.17.20 - 01.13.15). I was a new wife...still fairly new in an OLD home with my own brokenness from a 3 year depression. ...BUT, GOD! My prayer is for any young lady, newly wed, new mom .... I really pray that this b.Log blesses you. I didn't have anyone to share with me /mentor me into motherhood. Instead, I received a ton of, "You ain't doing this right....yoiu don't need to do don't need to have that baby, your not ready to be a mother.....". Although, these statements may have been true on some occasions...nobody was there saying...let me show you how to step into this young woman you are becoming; let me help you realize you can be this virtuous wife and phenomenanal mother. I want to encourage whomever may lay their eyes on this b.Log ... that you can be the amazing young woman you know that is inside of you! Don't let anyone tell you, you can't be! It's hard. their are test and man they can hit you hard but when the storm is gone.... that SUN will SHINE and those rays are bright and powerful.

Over the past decade and some change I can say I have officially TRANSITIONED into a young woman. I can not wait to share with you beautiful women how I have dealt with all of the trials and tribulations I have journeyed thru these past 10+ years. I will admit ALOT of them are iffy, funny and ohhh BOI.....

I invite you in to my most private place on earth, my brain! Here you are guaranteed to awaken every emotion that lives within your human body! Together we we laugh, cry and encourage one another to be the best us we can be. Yes I say together and we...because as I share and encourage you it serves as a reminder for me to do the same for myself.

Let's be each other's accountability partners and Journey thru Life together!

Only Positive Relationships can remain in this space! No negative energy please...that's so 2015!

I share a lot of motivational and inspirational post on Social Media so make sure we are friends there as well!

Follow me on Social Media:

Twitter & Instagram @iambmarcell.

Periscope @iambmarcell_official

A Little About b. ...

I am a Child of God... I am totally in Love with Jesus!

I am the wife of Brandon Michael Williams (former NFL Wide Reciever turned Athletepreneur & Sports Commentator for Big Ten Network & Fox). We have been married going on 5 years, yet I have known my husband for 15+ years! We have 4 beautifully amazing children that drive every ounce of my last nerve on a daily basis Jadyn (8), Peter (7), Brielle (3, turning 4 on January 12), Blake (2)!

I am the Founder of an ever so amazing organization better known as Jewels, Inc. We are a mentoring and outreach organization that mentors to local youth in the cities in which we serve. Jewels, Inc., turns 9 in 5 days, which happens to be my mother, Dr. Elinor F. Hancock's Birthday as well! If you have always, had an interest in mentoring our young women or starting a mentoring organization...then I encourage you to start a Jewels, Inc., Branch at your local college/university or become a

Jewels, Inc., Community Ambassador.

I am also the Visionary and Founder behind brunch & Bible which is an intergenerational opportunity for women to gather and get fed in the spirit and in the natural. You can visit the website for more information. I would encourage those of you that are looking ot grow closer to God with a community of beautiful women supporting you to join or launch a brunch & Bible in your sphere of influence.

My goal with this blog is to inspire as many young women, mothers and wives as possible to keep going! Transitions are extremely hard... transitioning from college student, to grad school, to #WifeLife & entering #MommyHood... plus trying to balance it all with your career and staying sane and having a sound spiritual mind!!! I know how hard it is to STAND when you feel you have Fallen! I am extremely transparent with the lessons I have learned and currently learning. I truly believe the only way true growth can happen is if we are open and honest, not just with ourselves, but with others!

I will STAND with you and we will MARCH through this thing called life with our heads held high! I am with you sis!!! Let's do this!

I am praying for you always! ...Love you!


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