Seasonal Storm, Surrender, SIT & Sunshine

Stop & Smell the Sunshine

Be still, and know that I am God;

I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

- Psalm 46:10


My family and I currently reside in Madison, WI ... and MANNNNNNN we have had theeeeeeeee craziest, longest winter .... there has been winter storm after winter storm.... the snow will start melting and the next day it ices over because of the below zero temperatures and thennn the snow falls again by the foot!!!! There has been little to no sunshine .... and mannnnn do we need the snow to STOP falling and the Sunshine to come out!!!

For the past month I have had my own personal storms and struggles. I have felt all kinds of emotions.


There were days of joy as I am building my women's ministry: brunch & Bible (b&B) and my non-profit: Jewels, Inc. (JI).

I was excited when we held our very first brunch & Bible build-A-Beauty Summit Fundraiser in my home to raise money for women in shelters.

I was THRILLED when brunch & Bible launched our newest Bible Beauty Bunch at Howard University in Washington, DC.

I have been so interested in seeing how God is going to use my new fundraising venture as a Noonday Collections Ambassador to fund infrastructure for b&B and JI.

I have been stressed at the fact that I haven't had funds available to meet mine and my families basic needs since I left my job to run after this purpose that God has gifted me. A purpose that puts strangers at the center of my heart. A purpose that makes me hunger and thirst to share Jesus Christ with others so they can have a relationship with the King and the Kingdom. A purpose that makes me want to sit with young girls everywhere, everyday and pour into them. A purpose that never stops giving....

I have been overwhelmed by the fact that my family has been called to serve my hometown of St. Louis in ministry. This means that packing a house for a family of 7 to relocate across 3 states has to happen in just a couple of months.

I have been sad at the thought of leaving fRamily (friends that have become family) that we have acquired during our 4 years of living in Madison.

I have felt unqualified to lead such an army of women within JI and b&B. Building the infrastructure that is long overdue and so needed right now for both of these organizations.

I have been so scared by my book Go,Fight, Winning! that I have selfishly been holding onto for almost 5 years. It's completed, it's been launched ... and yet somehow I still haven't mustard up enough courage to put 1 single copy in anyones hands.

I have been disobedient in my call to speak as the professional speaker that I was birthed to be.