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All I can say is WOW! I feel so blessed to finally receive the blueprint for my company, b.Marcell Enterprises, LLC. God gave me this name for my company over 14 years ago. I did not know then what it was going to be, but I took that name and locked it away in my box of promises that God has given me. I have used this company off and on for years in doing business development consulting work with various clients. However, yesterday (Friday, October 12, 2018) while sitting in the airport at the Houston Hobby International Airport God revealed to me exactly what b.Marcell Enterprises, LLC is!

Who is b.Marcell Enterprises, LLC?

b.Marcell Enterprises, LLC is a Kingdom-Based enterprise with an emphasis on social good and social entrepreneurship coaching for women. We help all women discover their potential, purpose and build a platform that expands God's Kingdom here on earth.

About b.Marcell & WHY the Enterprises

I am b.Marcell. I have been doing Kingdom building as far back as I can remember at the young age of 7 years old. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Growing up I did not play house, instead I played business. I would leave my "home" early in the morning, hand my "husband" our "baby", kiss them both goodbye and tell them to have a great day. I would then proceed to head off to work, where I owned my own business. My job was to help my clients discover who they were and how to improve their businesses. I can remember having boxes of file folders, paperclips, pens and printer copy paper. I would write "scribble" the names of my clients on these folders and write out our meeting notes on copy sheets of paper.

At the age of 8 years old, my best friend and I typed up a flyer using clip art to pass around to all of our neighbors. We founded my first business, The Snow Shoveling Sisters. This one day when school was closed my business partner and I went to 30 homes and charged each of them $10 to shovel their driveways. We made $300 total and split that in half. I walked away with $150 at the age of 8 for one day's work.

After creating this business, I remember having a thought that I want to be so wealthy one day that all my children have to do is community service for a living and help others. I now understand that thought to my children running my non-profits. I currently have two successful non-profit organizations: Jewels, Inc. (national mentoring organization) and brunch & Bible (unconventional women's ministry). I know for a fact that there will be more non-profits that I will have the honor of founding.

I then went on to creating my own babysitting business at the age of 10 years old. Throughout high school, I did loads of community service and watched my grandmother as she mentored her music students each week. She introduced me to the art of mentorship. My father was a vice-president of a children's home, he introduced me to the responsibility of spending time with others. My mother is a pediatrician, she introduced me to the need to take care of others. My grandfather was a teacher, he introduced me to the importance of education.

While in college at Howard University, I was very active on and off campus. I served as a campus pal (focus on helping freshmen get to know HU). I also was a promotions and productions director for the entertainment power players organization on campus. I was the vice president to our university fashion council. I was a varsity blue squad cheerleader. I was "the best hostess" at the cheesecake factory (yes this is an award I received). I worked at Black Entertainment Television and Sirius XM Satellite Radio. I produced the School of Communications pageant. I did ALOT within my college years. But the project I am most proud of is giving birth to Jewels, Inc.!!! Jewels is over 11 years old and is a mentoring organization that goes out into the community to mentor to the youth. For more information on Jewels, Inc., check out the Howard University Jewels, Inc., website at:

I have received countless social entrepreneurship / social good awards for my work with Jewels, Inc.

As a young adult, new wife and mom ... I struggled with my own identity. I no longer knew nor understood who I was. It was extremely hard for me to navigate life. I could not stand my marriage (we were both learning the hard way how to be married). I did not know who I was anymore. I could not catch my balance and my footing in these new roles that I had. But thankfully God caught me. He walked me through a series of events (you can read about those in my book Go, Fight, Winning) available for purchase on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 (at Then God handed me the authority to become the founder of brunch & Bible, an unconventional women's ministry that has lead hundreds of women to develop a deeper relationship with God.

Join our Webinar Sunday, October 21st

at 10:00am cst!

MY PURPOSE IN THIS SEASON, THE SOLE PURPOSE OF b.Marcell Enterprises .... is to help women discover their potential, purpose and build a platform that expands God's Kingdom here on earth.

If you would like more information about how you can receive coaching from me in this area -

e-mail me at

Next Sunday, October 21, 2018 - I will host a free webinar that talks about b.Marcell Enterprises, LLC. who we are and how we are called to help women in this season. Sign up to register for more information about this webinar:

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