When It Rains, It Pours : Follow My Journey

These past couple of weeks have been trying times for business, my family and my personal life.

On July 9, 2012, my Grandfather suffered a slight stroke. I thank God everyday for allowing me to have been able to be at home with him during this time. I was able to call the ambulance to rush him to the hospital, ultimately saving his life. My mother was headed to China. My sister was in Texas for business. My husband was heading to DC on a business trip later that evening. My brother was taking summer school classes. I was basically left to handle this situation all alone.

During the next 4 days, I had to figure out 1) how to manage all three of our children; 2) making sure my Grandfather was taken care of during his stay at the hospital; 3) how to keep my non-profit a float during a rough time.God, has presented me a series of test within a short period of 5 to 7 days. I have recently had to make strategic adjustments within Jewels, Inc.; be the voice of reason within my entire family and most importantly take a DEEP BREATH and focus on my marriage and my children.I find from time to time that I push myself to be able to handle it all. I like to believe that I have an "S" on my chest (and sometimes, I really feel that it is there...I mean what MOM and/or WIFE doesn't have one???) and can do everything.

However, God said..."CHILD SIT and BREATHE". My Jeep Commander's transmission went out on me this week, so now I am stuck and only able to make the necessary moves that have to get done. No more running around wasting precious time. I have to do what He tells me to do and ONLY that of what God speaks to me. This is my test: FAITH. I can say all day to everyone...let God guide you...follow His plan and He will show you the way. I have to Walk by His Word.

I have definitely been following his directions since my last series of test from him in April. However, I know and He knows that there are specific directions that I have NOT been following. I have done many, but not all and that is why I must SIT and take a deep breath. I am not one that can handle stress as if it is nothing. I tend to become frustrated until I can figure things out. In doing so, I can completely shut down which is not healthy for my marriage nor my children. With everything that was going on I had to take a moment to myself and reflect on all that was happening. I came to a few realizations.

I suggest that if anyone feels overwhelmed by life and that everything seems to be going wrong try any of these and hopefully you too will feel relieved:REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE SITUATION. Go for a walk and take a deep breath and exhale. Allow yourself the opportunity to clear your mind.

PRAY. Go to God in prayer. Ask him to reveal to you the lesson behind this test. What is it that he wants you to get out of this particular situation. Ask him to show you what his plan is and how you can go about making sure that you are following his path.

REFLECT. Reflect on your situation and the prayer that you just prayed to God. Know that once you ask, you shall receive. Have Faith that God will show you what is meant for you and what you are to do.

COME UP WITH A PLAN. Figure out what it is that you are supposed to do within your situation and how you are to pass your test.

ACT ON YOUR PLAN. Do as you are told to do and only that. The moment that you show that your Faith is strong and you are being obedient, your dreams will come to fruition.

APPRECIATE THE TEST. We become better people with every test God gives us. Appreciate the test and the lesson learned because without it you would not be able to grow. Growth is important for anything! It wasn't until I took my Grandfather to the grocery store for him to "Buy some Peaches" (his favorite seasonal fruit) that I was able to appreciate everything I just went through. My 91 year old Granddad was walking around the store pushing my infant daughter in a grocery cart and less than 2 weeks ago he was laying in a hospital bed. Being able to view life as an infant child or an elderly man is a beautiful thing. We have to be able to appreciate our test, so that we can appreciate life!

LOVE. LIVE. LIFE.We must believe and have Faith in Gods plans for our life. When times get hard, we HAVE to keep on moving and pushing through. We are warriors and we do carry that "S" on our chest. Sometimes even the strongest of us need to "SIT and BREATHE".

***Special Thanks to my family and friends who prayed for my Grandfathers well being and assisted in managing my children during this time. I also want to Thank the Jewels, Inc., Board of Directors for being true soldiers for our youth and stepping up to the plate to assist our communities Nationwide. I really appreciate you all and thank God everyday for my Village!!***