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Life Lessons Learned

I have had many lessons that I have been taught throughout my life, however, the ones that matter the most were not taught in school. I was hit with a lot of unexpected responsibility at the beginning of this month. Things that were not on my agenda, but I had to deal with. Dealing with these surprise priority tasks taught me the best lesson I have yet to learn ... ENJOY YOUR LOVED ONES and APPRECIATE EVERY MOMENT YOU ARE ABLE TO BE IN THEIR PRESENCE.

When I was 19 years old. My father was killed in a car accident. I never thought that I would be without my Daddy at such a young age. My Daddy was my heart! I loved him oh so dearly. After he was killed I began to regret every moment that he called my name from the kitchen to come downstairs and help him cook and I stayed in my bedroom on the phone. I wish that I would have got off the phone and took my little behind to that kitchen and helped my Dad create one of his masterpiece meals. I wish I would have taken those opportunities to be around him a little more. I took for granted the years that he were here with me. There isn't anything I wouldn't give just to have him back on this earth beside me everyday. I know he watches me from heaven, however, at times I simply need a hug from my Daddy.I was reminded of how easy it is to loose a loved one when I had to deal with the scare of my Grandfathers health. I thank God everyday that he spared my Grandfather from any true tragedy's. I am so blessed to have him still here to listen to him tell me the same stories over and over again; to play with my children; and to hear the jokes that he has been telling me since I was my kids age.

Coming into this realization put a lot of things in perspective for me. The main thing is that my family comes first and that I should not jeopardize ANYTHING when it comes to spending time with my loved ones. Every moment that I was able to spend with my children, husband, mother, step-dad, siblings, in-laws, & close friends is time well spent. I will admit that my children can work my nerves tremendously ... none-the-less, I appreciate them and the time that we share together as a family!I encourage you all to reflect on what is important in your life. I know that at times it seems that making money to pay your bills is priority number one. However, don't let your life or the life of your loved ones go by and you look back and realize that you didn't get to spend the time that you wanted to with them.

I challenge you all to take one hour out of your day to spend quality time with the people that matter the most. Have faith that God will make a way to make sure your bills get paid. Spend time in him and with them!

***Due to my own reflection, I have decided to move the days of my blog posts to Tuesdays. This is to create more time for my family during the weekends. Look at your schedules and see what adjustments need to be made on your agendas to make sure that your family is Task #1

***3L (Life Lessons Learned) Series Coming the Month of August!! Be sure to check it out every Tuesday!

b.Marcell's QUESTION SESSION: Comment and let me know ...What is your most important Life Lesson that you have learned thus far???

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