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Coaching Our Youth

COACHING My Mentee on 7.15.14 #CoachingSession ... Yes she is taller than me!!!


Dear Father, I would like to thank you on today for everyone that has been a “Coach” in my life. I thank you for all of the loving and caring people that you have placed as a resource for me to help coach me to be the best woman you have called me to be. Dear Lord, most importantly I would like to Thank YOU for coaching me. I did not realize it until yesterday that you have been preparing me for you!!! Piece by piece you have given me so that one day when I finally opened my eyes to your goodness and your glory that I would have all the pieces to MY Puzzle. Lord, I thank you for never giving up on me and I thank you for never giving up on those that are reading this blog. You are magnificent and you deserve all the praise plus more! I love you Lord God. In Jesus Name, Amen. Thank you Daddy!


If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be given in you.

John 15:7


I did not realize this until yesterday, Sunday, July 13, 2014, that my Father, GOD … has been preparing me for himself. When I was 17 years old I wrote a speech to deliver at my High School graduation. Well first I had to write it, then audition to give it and was selected to present my speech at graduation. NO, I was not the valedictorian at all, but my speech was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther Kings, “I Have A Dream” speech. I wrote my speech and my Dad helped me to edit it and work on my delivery. I can still see his red ink marks on my paper. I was only 17 and delivered a speech in front of thousands of people. Thinking about that moment now gives me chills. That was the one and only live speech that my dad had the opportunity to COACH me and watch me DELIVER. I did not realize that both my Father GOD and my Dad were coaching me for my future. I thought I was just encouraging my friends to go out and live their dreams.


God is so awesome because He is showing me the pieces of the puzzle He has been giving me over all of these years. I am currently in a place where I am having fun finding the lost pieces to my puzzle and piecing it all together with His direction on where everything lays and how it all fits together.

There are going to be pieces in your life that you have NO idea what, why, how or when this will be relevant to your situation. But I want to encourage you today to look at every opportunity as a learning one and that it is not in vain. That because of whatever it is that you are going through it is for the bigger piece of the overall puzzle. Everything God does in our life is for a reason! He gives us the opportunity to grown in Him. We have the choice to take one piece of the puzzle we may not understand and say Lord, I don’t know what you are doing with this… but I love you and I trust you. So whatever it is have your way.


This current season of spiritual growth is leading to believe with a whole heart that God has nothing but our best in mind. He has sculpted every detail of our life out. He has placed mentors, parents and role models in our life to assist Him in Coaching us. It is so important for us to take heed to the messages and the life lessons He is sending our way. Don’t be afraid to be bold and run that race at your maximum speed if that is what He is telling you to do. AND don’t be afraid to sit still if that is what He is telling you to do. Allow God to Coach you!!!



My Dad, Peter Buckner, was such an amazing man when he was alive. He has been gone from this earth for almost 10 years come this October. It is funny because we would sit and watch Diddy’s, “Making the Band” on MTV and my dad would coach me through the show. I always wanted to be in entertainment as an actress. So we would watch the show and critique it. I will never forget my Daddy saying, “With my brains and your youth we are going to go far”. Lololol …. Well what is amazing is that yes my Daddy coached me through my speech for high school in preparation for me to become and International Inspirational Speaker. But he has also coached me through Jewels, Inc. It was my Angel Dad and my Father God who woke me up with the vision of Jewels, Inc. My Angel Dad is still blessing me with insight on Jewels, Inc., and coaching me through this process. He even came to me and told me he picked Brandon, my husband, for me! Brandon and I had been friends since high school and my father asked my mother behind my back, “Why isn’t she dating that guy”. My dad had only met Brandon that one time. When you allow God to allow others to coach you and speak into your life … you never know where it may take you, but you could rest assured it’s all apart of Gods Glory and his Grace!


What is it that you feel God has been coaching you on?

IAm…bMe Action Item

Sit back and reflect on all the pieces of your puzzle that have a common denominator. Start to piece those pieces together and ask God is this the puzzle that He has created for your purpose in life? Ask for clarity and don’t be afraid to ask all the questions. When God answers He gives you THEE answer!

Inspirational/Motivational Quotes:


What are you waiting for?

Waiting is hard when you just know your life will be so much better if your hopes become reality. Waiting is hard … especially when years pass and there is no sign of your expectations being met. Questions begin to dominate your thoughts: Why don’t I have this now? What have I done wrong? What if it doesn’t happen? Often, the longer you wait, the more desperate you become.

But God has plans for your life. Plans that will make you thrive and not be knocked down by life’s setbacks. God’s plans are well worth waiting for. You may be tempted to take matters into your own hands, thinking God is just a little bit late. But don’t risk God’s perfect intentions for you by relying on your own schemes. Waiting for God’s perfect timing can save you years of heartbreak. Remember, God is faithful and always keeps his promises – even if you have to wait.

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