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Who Is b.Marcell? ... I Am b.Marcell

You may be asking ... Who is b.Marcell? AND why am I visiting her site?

Well I am b.Marcell and I am a young wife, mother, philanthropist, brand, communications specialist, media professional & events director, best of all I am a child of God. Over the past ten years I have experienced a lot of pain, struggle and heart ache. I lost my father in October of 2004. At that time I was a 19 year old sophomore at Howard University in Washington DC.

Before my Father's death I was an extremely invovled student within all aspects of the college life. I was a varsity cheerleader; an executive board member for an entertainment organization and fashion organization on campus; I was a Campus Pal (mentor to freshmen); I worked at the Cheesecake Factory as a host and a Production Assistant for BET's longest running cable show Bobby Jones Gospel; most importantly I held a G.P.A. of a 3.6 while doing all of this! Nonetheless, I was busy!

The day my father was killed, October 19, 2004, changed my life forever. I went into a deep depression which would last for 3 years. My grades slipped and I ended up flunking every single class the following semester and moving home a year after my father's death to finally deal with the grief. I returned to school that following summer a broken young woman. I was still dazed and confused about life and my direction in it since one of my number one supporters, my Daddy, was gone. At this time in my life I was just breathing ... not living ... just breathing. My days were hard and long. My heart was truly broken and I was lost.

During the Fall of 2006, I began a small company with a business partner known as Urban Gurl Companies, LLC (TM). The mission of this company was to change the negative connotation of urban females nationwide and around the world through media and fashion. At this time I was totally involved in the fashion and entertainment space having worked at BET and produced multiple fashion shows. However, my heart took heed to another passion project, "Urban Gurl Community", in which the company would have a philanthropic leg. My business partner and I had begun to go in two different directions.

On January 11, 2007, I founded Jewels, Inc., at Howard University in Washington DC. My ultimate goal for this organization was to provide a platform that would enrich the lives of the young women and men whom I was constantly coming in contact with! I truly wanted to provide the local Elementary, Jr. High School and High School students role models and mentors they could actively look up to.

Although, during this time I was rocking and rolling in positivity I was still a BROKEN young woman. I ended up hooking back up with a high sweet heart (a situation that would've been best left in high school) and falling in love with him all over again because he was giving me the male attention that I so missed from my father. It's crazy because my dad was always there I never had to venture out and have a boy fill a void in my life.... now I did. He and I ended up giving birth to my son on June 12, 2008.

A few months later I split up with him after realizing my value and worth as a young woman and finally figuring out I deserved a better situation that what I was currently in. Nothing, against my sons father, but that just wasn't the relationship that would make me whole for the remainder of my life. It is safe to say that the life of a single mom is a constant everyday struggle. Thank God for me I did have my mother and a strong support system with my son. However, there were days that I did not know where food and money were going to come from. Even though I had "help", sometimes its hard to even ask for it. I ended up going back and forth to school. Finishing a class here and there with semesters passing and still not having my degree. I ended up working multiple jobs to be able to provide for myself and my son while continuing to build the Jewels, Inc., brand. Thank God that He provided me with a strong foundation that the organization could operate when I was not present.

On May 7, 2011, I married a young man that I had known since the tender age of 15. We had been friends for a while but lost contact shortly after I went off to college. I spoke with him briefly to congratulate him on being able to live out his life long dream of being drafted to the NFL. Then again we went our separate ways. When we reunited at the end of 2009 we discovered that we both had like situations within our previous relationships. He met a young lady in which they were in love for a period of time, had a daughter and realized that, that was not the relationship that they were to be in for the remainder of their life. I guess you could say he and I had experienced like situations in the love department which has helped our love for one another that much easier to communicate.

The Lord has blessed us with two beautiful daughters in addition to the 2 amazing children we already had. Our babies are currently 2 years old and 10 months old. Our oldest two are 6 years old and 5 years old. We find ourselves truly blessed to be able to parent to our 4 children. They are our ultimate gift from God! I am truly excited to experience life with you all. Yes alot has happened both good and bad over this past decade of my life. I have learned so many life lessons through the growth and the pain. There are things that are currently going on in my life that many would not think possible.

My prayer is that others can grow and heal with me as I share my own personal struggles and celebrations. I will be making regular scheduled post each week and I encourage you to view all of my old Blog Post at sure you subscribe to this blog!

b.Blessed, b. Marcell

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